Startracks Mobility lift technology is designed for durability and ease of use. The various designs eliminate the need for widening or modifying the garage or entry door. The custom lift is installed on the surface of the floor or recessed in the cement floor, which retains the visual quality of your home. The user may stand or sit in a wheelchair or scooter on the lift. They then push the hand-held control button, which rises gently on the vertical lift articulated arm or floor actuators. The ramp lift aligns with the inside doorway, allowing one to walk or push through the door opening in a wheelchair or scooter. The gated end section on the platform is designed of durable steel which keeps a wheelchair or scooter from driving off the edge. Customization is a regular part of our product line because we know each individual’s situation is unique as is each home installation.

Completed Startracks Home LiftPhotos and Measurements

To accelerate the process of developing a quote, we need to gain a few details like photos and measurements, those that are unique to each project.

  • From the inside, take pictures of the area around the entry door floor to ceiling
  • Make sure to open the entry door when taking these photos
  • Also, take some photos of the entry door closed
  • Please measure from the floor to the bottom of the door threshold, keeping the tape straight
  • Then measurement from the inside left to the right of the doorway
  • Please provide the weight and height of the person who will be using the lift

With this information, we can build a custom platform lift that will be installed inside your home. The platform lift’s mechanics are not extensive in size, meaning they will fit snuggly against the door’s interior wall or underneath the platform lift, whichever best meets your situation. Your home’s interior will not suffer a degradation of visual aesthetics due to the lift’s install.

Location of Installation

The fabrication will be completed at the Elkhart, Indiana location. The onsite installation will be scheduled along with an idea of what you might expect during the installation. Bob will strive to assure you receive exactly what you expect from start to finish.

Mailing Address

Startracks Mobility
1800 Markel Ave
Elkhart, IN 46517-1322
Phone: 574-596-5331

Business Hours:
8am to 5pm Weekdays
or by Special Appointment.

Startracks Mobility
1800 Markel Ave Elkhart, IN
46517-1322 Phone: 574-596-5331

Business Hours:
8am to 5pm Weekdays
or by Special Appointment.

Because custom installations vary, some are more complex than others. Due to this, there isn’t any standard price sheet available for cost review. Each installation requires customer provided photos, installation details, and measurements for an accurate quote. We are sorry for the inconvenience and sometimes frustration for the lack of transparent pricing in this industry.

Startracks Mobility provides handicap and assistive access technology for homes, which including the design, production, and custom adaptation to fit most any home configuration. With the help of state of the art technology, experience, and innovative ideas, we successfully develop unique fabrications to fit optimally and discretely. Startracks Mobility uses only the highest of quality materials and extend quality control over each project to ensure you receive the best results possible.
Startracks Mobility specializes in a technology that primarily caters to the handicap accessibility industry, but can include any application that provides the proper installation criteria. Startracks Mobility designs for homes are much more than your typical home entry device. They are structurally advanced and easy-to-operate for anyone to enjoy easy access. Startracks Mobility has invested the last 35 years developing accessibility products that allow people to enter nearly any entryway they desire access.
Startracks Mobility has served our neighbors, community, and country for over 35 years. We understand the needs of our disabled and mobility-limited customers and we aim to facilitate their accessibility by providing high-quality solutions. Startracks Mobility is committed to providing personal, business, and dealers handicap and assistive access technology for homes. Access your home without compromise using a custom lift with specifically engineered technology for ultimate accessibility.