Startracks Mobility provides handicap and assistive access technology, which including the design, production, and custom adaptation to fit most any accessibility situation. With the help of state of the art technology, experience, and innovative ideas, we successfully develop unique fabrications to fit your home optimally and discretely. Startracks Mobility’s accessibility designs are extensively better than average. Startracks Mobility uses only the highest of quality materials and quality control over each project to ensure you receive the best results possible.

Startracks Mobility’s assistive home lifts were developed for the handicapped or anyone who has difficulty ascending or descending steps. The technology is primarily designed for homes but can be retrofitted for any application if it meets the proper installation criteria, which is not demanding. A concealed or flush floor installation by the entryway door of your home is a small price to pay for the liberties enjoyed. Startracks Mobility home lifts can be installed into a garage floor, level with the existing floor, in the basement, or any room in the house.

Custom Fabrication

Our fabrication weld is so well knitted that it appears to be a part of the original material. It is crafted with a precision that can only be achieved by an experienced journeyman with skillful hand-eye coordination.

Startracks Mobility understands accessibility with over 25 years of experience installing and servicing both commercial and residential accessibility solutions in all types of vehicles and homes. Startracks Mobility brings that same experience and technology to the home. The electric vertical platform lift (VPL) provides a steady travel height, safe for assisted standing or wheelchairs. We recognize the wheelchair lift, also known as a handicap lift, or standing lift is critical to providing suitable access for residential applications.

The thickness of the steel platform lift is 4 7/8 inches therefore a short ramp is added to ease access, along with a mechanical lift edge to prevent a wheelchair from rolling off during use. The platform lifts can be recessed into the floor or level with the floor. This advantage allows homeowners to drive their vehicles to straddle the platform thus allowing normal foot traffic without impedance. Concrete cutting can be utilized to install the lift into preexisting floors. The current lift maximum is 400 lbs. YouTube video #5 is hydraulic, able to lift 800 lbs.

Surface Platform Lift Specifications:

• Vertical platform lift rises and lowers safely
• Electric actuator(s) combined can lift 400lb weight
• Constructed with high tensile strength steel
• Includes heavy-duty motor with anti-pinch technology
• 120V / 60HZ AC or 12 volt DC
• Platform dimensions can be customer specified
• Safety rails are optional but encouraged

Recessed Platform Lift Specifications:

• Vertical platform lift rises and lowers safely into the floor
• Electric actuator(s) combined can lift 400lb weight
• Includes heavy-duty motor with anti-pinch technology
• 120V / 60HZ AC or 12 volt DC
• Platform dimensions are 36” wide and 48” long
• Pit is 5 inches deep x 39.5″ wide x 49″ long
• With end ramp paddles, 41.75″ width including rails

Garage Seat Lift Installation
A) Garage Seat Lift Install
Garage Standing Lift Installation
B) Garage Standing Lift
Garage Wheelchair Lift
C) Garage Wheelchair Lift
Home Seat Lift Garage Demo
D) Home Seat Lift Demo

Videos of Custom Installed Electric Vertical Platform Lifts

Please click through our videos to learn more about our home lift fabrication and technology. We pride ourselves on creating a quality product, with unmatched professionalism and prompt delivery. Please use the Chrome browser whereas Firefox is unreliable for video playback.

Floor Lifts Installed in Churches and Institutions

Videos of Versatile Lifts for Various Applications